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Special cover on 'Children's Day' 14th November 2017

Children's day (Bal divas) is celebrated in India every year on 14th November. This year on 14th November 2017, Silicon City Academy of Secondary Education has issued special cover to celebrate Children's Day.

Silicon city Academy of Secondary Education is located in a serene green environment, in the southern part of the bustling city of Bangalore.

The school is spread over 3 acres, and surrounded with trees and quiet residential layouts. The institution is distinctive for an infrastructure which conforms to international educational standards.

Silicon city Academy of Secondary Education believes in offering students with the very best of integrated learning experiences and facilities, taking the child through the K-12 programme in a holistic manner.

The institution offers the CBSE syllabus.

In order to meet the standards required by the CBSE board, Silicon city Academy of Secondary Education is constantly upgrading and improving upon it's educational programmes. The school atmosphere is further enriched by the committed, dedicated and experienced teachers who are led by a team of proven educational experts.

Silicon city Education Trust And Academy

Silicon city Education Trust was formed in March 2005 to provide infrastructure for value based Education by establishing Eductional Institutions to meet growing requirements in and around konanakunte, South Bangalore. To bring this vision into reality, Mr. K.B Lakshman, Founder, Chairman & Mr, L.Ravi, Secretary , ably supported by prominent educationists started Silicon City Public School with CBSE curriculum.

In short span of 3 years, School has grown to present strength of 1150 students. In fact, it is one of the most preferred school by students/parents in South Bangalore. This has given impetus to chairman to enter higher echelons in education for which Silicon City Educational Academy was formed in january 2008 to initiate pre university, under graduate and post graduation to make Academy a Centre for complete Education - from Pre - Nursery to Post - Graduation.

First stamp of Independent India

The first stamp of Independent of India was released on 21-11-1947. It depicts with Indian flag with patriots slogan 'Jai Hind' (long LIVE INDIA) on the top right hand corner. It was valued three and one-half annas and was meant for foreign correspondence.

Instructions to be followd during issue of ATM Card

CIF level Checks  
•    Below issues at CIF will lead to non activation of cards:
Ø Last name column in CIF should not exceed 35 Characters
Ø Last Name column in CIF should not contain special and numeric characters
Ø Address line  at CIF level should not exceed 35 characters and special character s like (<, >, ?)
Ø Name at account level should be as mentioned in the CIF

•       Wrong issuance of Instant Cards
•       SOLs are dispatching Instant ATM card duly linked to the account by post which may lead to mis-appropriation as both PIN and card will be available in the same envelope.
•    SOLs are placing New card request after hot listing /personalized card request / Replacement /closure which will lead to non-activation of new card request and that kit/card cannot be used further and reflects in inactive cards.
•       Issuing of new kit for the CIF which was already issued with another Kit number.

•       SOLs are placing ATM PIN request multiple times with out waiting for the receipt of PIN from National ATM Unit.
•      Many SOLs are just sending mails for duplicate PIN with out placing request in CCMM menu

•       Closure of ATM Card
•       SOLs are closing the accounts with out closing the ATM cards. Such cards will be in active status and cannot be closed in later stage.
•     Few SOLs have closed the existing cards and again placed new card request, which will not get activated.

•       CIF merger of ATM issued accounts
•      Once the ATM cards are issued to any of the SB accounts, such CIFs should not be merged to any other CIF.
•      After merging the CIF, one more card is being issued to the new CIF of the same account. In such a case both the cards will be active and lead to fraudulent transactions.

•       Eligibility criteria Issuing of ATM cards
•       Cards should be issued only to SB General and Pension accounts.
•       In case of Joint, should be issued only to Joint “B”
•     ATM cards should not be issued to Minor, Illiterate, Joint “A”, SBBAS, BO accounts and Lunatic accounts.
•      Only one card per customer should be issued. In case of multiple accounts, linking should be done after activation of card with the primary account.

Procedure for issue of duplicate ATM cards in case of missing of the original one :

Under CCMM menu use Modify function and enter CIF id and in the next screen select Action as "hotlist and replace or Replacement in case already hotlisted. Then select Card type as Personalized and again click on Instant. Then enter the Instant kit number which is to be issued to the customer and card will get activated after 24 hours.

GDS recruitment

To view details of GDS recruitment revised vacancies of AP, Jharkhand, Odisha and Telangana Circles on INDIA POST website, please CLICK HERE. 

To online apply for GDS Posts in Kerala and Uttar Pradesh circle, please CLICK HERE. 

Implementation of cadre restructuring to Inspector Posts cadre

Holding of DPC for the promotion into PS Gr. B and JTS Gr.A cadre and issue of combined seniority list of Inspector Posts cadre from 2001 onwards

Holding of LDCE timely

Prescribing specific role and re-organize the Division and Sub Division

Holding of DPC for promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B for the year 2017-18

Monday, November 20, 2017

Empanelment of Private hospitals under CGHS Jaipur

Government of India
Central Government Health Schemes
Kendirya Sadan Parisar, 'B' Block,
Ground Floor, Sector-10, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur - 302039

No.CGHS/JPR/ RPH&DC/2017(Admn.)/8722-44
Dated: 26-07-2017


Subject : Empanelment of Private hospitals under CGHS Jaipur.

With reference to letter F.No. S-11045/36/2012-CGHS(HEC) dated 16th October, 2015 allowing benefit of continuous empanelment scheme to NABH/NABL accredited Health Care Organisation / Diagnostic Centres [HCOs] under CGHS, the undersigned is directed to convey that in addition to the list of the hospitals (including dental clinics & eye centres) and diagnostic laboratories already empanelled following Health Care Organization (HCO) has also been empanelled under CGHS Jaipur with the issuance of this order. The newly empanelled Health Care Organisation may be treated as included in the existing list of empanelled HCOs under CGHS Jaipur with the same terms and conditions as have been indicated in the Office Memorandum dated 14.11.2014. from the date of the issue of this pm to 16.08.2017.

S. No
Name of  the HCOs/ DC
Address & Tel. No.
Facilities Empanalled for
Fortis Escorts Hospital
Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur-302017 (Raj.)
TeI.No. 254 7000 E-mail contactus.jaipur [at] forlishealthcare.com

Empanelled w.e.f. 26.07.2017.
w.e.f. 16.06.2014 to 14.08.2017

w.e.f. 02.09.2016 to 01.09.2018

Imaging/ Radiology will be treated as Non-NABL
Anaesthesiology, Cardiac Anaesthesia, Cardiology (invasive and
 Non invasive) Cardiothoracic Surgery, Clinical Psychology,
Critical Care (Adult, Paediatrics, Neonate), Dentistry, Ear Nose
and Throat, Endocrine Surgery, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology
 {Adult and Paediatric], General Surgery, GI Surgery &
Bariatric Surgery. Hand Micro Surgery. internal Medicine,
 Medical Oncology, Nephrology including Dialysis, Neurology
 (Adult & Paediatrics] Neurosurgery, Obstetrics &
Gynaecology, including infertility, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedic
 (including Joint Replacement Surgeries), Paediatric
Cardiology, Paediatric Surgery, Paediatrics and Neonatology,
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Psychiatry (Only OPD),
Renal Transplant, Respiratory Medicine, Rheumatology,
 Skin & Venereal Diseases, Sports injury Management, Surgical Oncology. Urology and all other available facilities.

Banking Facility For Senior Citizen And Differently Abled Persons – RBI


November 9, 2017

All Scheduled Commercial Banks (including RRBs)
All Small Finance Banks and Payments Banks

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Statement on Developmental and Regulatory Policies – October 4, 2017 – Banking Facility for Senior Citizens and Differently abled Persons.

Please refer to Paragraph 8 of Statement on Developmental and Regulatory Policies, released by Reserve Bank of India on October 4, 2017 as part of Fourth Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement 2017-18, a copy of which is enclosed. It has been observed that there are occasions when banks discourage or turn away senior citizens and differently abled persons from availing banking facilities in branches. Notwithstanding the need to push digital transactions and use of ATMs, it is imperative to be sensitive to the requirements of senior citizens and differently abled persons.

2. In view of the above, banks are required to put in place appropriate mechanism with the following specific provisions for meeting the needs of such customers so that they are able to avail of the bank’s services without difficulty.

(a) Dedicated Counters/Preference to Senior Citizens, Differently abled persons

Banks are advised to provide a clearly identifiable dedicated counter or a counter which provides priority to senior citizens and people who are differently abled including visually impaired persons.

(b) Ease of submitting Life Certificate

As per extant guidelines issued by Department of Government and Bank Accounts, in addition to the facility of Digital Life Certificate under “Jeevan Praman” Scheme (refer circular DGBA.GAD.H-2529/45.01.001/2014-15 dated December 9, 2014), pensioners can submit physical Life Certificate form at any branch of the pension paying bank. However, it is observed that often the same is not updated promptly by the receiving branch in the Core Banking Solution (CBS) system of the bank, resulting in avoidable hardship to the pensioners. It is, therefore, advised that banks shall ensure that when a Life Certificate is submitted in any branch, including a non-home branch, of the pension paying bank, the same is updated/ uploaded promptly in CBS by the receiving branch itself, to avoid any delay in credit of pension.

(c) Cheque Book Facility

(i) Banks shall issue cheque books to customers, whenever a request is received, through a requisition slip which is part of the cheque book issued earlier.

(ii) Banks are advised to provide minimum 25 cheque leaves every year, if requested, in savings bank account, free of charge.

(iii) Banks shall not insist on physical presence of any customer including senior citizens and differently abled persons for getting cheque books.

(iv) Banks may also issue cheque books, on requisition, by any other mode as per bank’s laid down policy.

It is further clarified that providing such facility in BSBDA will not render the account to be classified as non-BSBDA (c.f. Bank’s response to query number 14 and 24 of our circular “DBOD.No. Leg. BC.52/09.07.005/2013-14 dated September 11, 2013 on Financial Inclusion – Access to Banking Services – BSBDA – FAQs”).

(d) Automatic conversion of status of accounts

Presently, in some banks, even fully KYC – compliant accounts are not automatically converted into ‘Senior Citizen Accounts’ on the basis of date of birth maintained in the bank’s records. Banks are advised that a fully KYC compliant account should automatically be converted into a ‘Senior Citizen Account’ based on the date of birth available in bank’s records.

(e) Additional Facilities to visually impaired customers

Banks are advised that the facilities provided to sick/old/incapacitated persons vide Paragraph 9 of our Master Circular DBR.No.Leg.BC.21/09.07.006/2015-16 dated July 1, 2015 on Customer Service in Banks (regarding operations of accounts through identification of thumb/toe impression/mark by two independent witnesses and authorising a person who would withdraw the amount on behalf of such customers) shall also be extended to the visually impaired customers.

(f) Ease of filing Form 15G/H

Banks are advised to provide senior citizens and differently abled persons Form 15G/H once in a year (preferably in April) to enable them to submit the same, where applicable, within the stipulated time.

(g) Door Step Banking

We have issued instructions on Doorstep Banking vide circular DBOD.No.BL.BC.59/22.01.010/2006-2007 dated February 21, 2007 under Section 23 of Banking Regulation Act, 1949. However, in view of the difficulties faced by senior citizens of more than 70 years of age and differently abled or infirm persons (having medically certified chronic illness or disability) including those who are visually impaired, banks are advised to make concerted effort to provide basic banking facilities, such as pick up of cash and instruments against receipt, delivery of cash against withdrawal from account, delivery of demand drafts, submission of Know Your Customer (KYC) documents and Life certificate at the premises/ residence of such customers.

3. Banks are advised to implement these instructions by December 31, 2017 in letter and spirit and give due publicity in their bank branches and website.

Yours faithfully

(Saurav Sinha)
Chief General Manager

Statement on Developmental and Regulatory Policies, Reserve Bank of India issued by the Governor on October 4, 2017

8. Banking Facility for Senior Citizens and Differently abled Persons It has been reported that banks are discouraging or turning away senior citizens and differently abled persons from availing banking facilities in branches. Notwithstanding the need to push digital transactions and use of ATMs, it is imperative to be sensitive to the requirements of senior citizens and differently abled persons. It has been decided to instruct banks to put in place explicit mechanisms for meeting the needs of such persons so that they do not feel marginalised. Ombudsmen will also be advised to pay heed to complaints in this context. Necessary instructions in this regard will be issued by end-October 2017


Special Cover on Birth Centenary of Smt. Indira Gandhi – 19th November 2017.

Indira Gandhi (b. 19 November 1917 - d. 31 October 1984) was an Indian politician and the only female Prime Minister of the country. Born in the famous Nehru family, she was perhaps destined for an illustrious political career. She served as Prime Minister from 1966 to 1977 and from 1980 until her assassination in 1984. As Prime Minister, Indira was known for centralisation of power and political ruthlessness. Her political career was littered with controversies as well as allegations of highhandedness, corruption and nepotism. She clamped a state of emergency in India from 1975 to 1977. She was also criticized for carrying out the Operation Blue-Star in Punjab that eventually scripted her assassination on 31 October 1984. Indira Gandhi left behind her a lasting political legacy and her family became one of the most prominent political names in India.

On the occasion of the Birth Centenary of Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, a Special Cover was released at Allahabad on 19th November 2017 by Mrs. Roopa Shankar, Mrs. Samina Naqvi, Mr. Narsingh, SSRM of Post Office and Mr. Pramod Kr. Bansal, the President of Prayag Philatelic Society at the function held at Head Post Office, Allahabad. (Special Cover approval no. UP/17/2017).

Special Cover on Birth Centenary of Smt. Indira Gandhi

Special Cover on Birth Centenary of Smt. Indira Gandhi

Special Cover on Inscription stones of Bengaluru – 14th November 2017.

Inscription Stones of Bangalore' is a civic activism project to raise awareness and protect ancient inscription stones (shila shaasanas) found in the Bengaluru region. Inscriptions stones are original documentation of the people, culture, religion and language of the region dating back to as early as 750CE. Rampant urbanization in Bengaluru has led to destruction of a majority of the 150 stones in the old 'Bangalore' region which were documented by B.L. Rice and others from 1894 to 1905 in the remarkable twelve-volume series Epigraphia Carnatica. This project retraces the footsteps of B.L. Rice to protect and restore the dignity of the last remaining 25 'Inscription Stones of Bangalore'.

A Special Cover was released on 14th November 2017 to commemorate Inscription Stones of Bengaluru. The cover depicts the oldest Kannada stone inscription in the Bengaluru region dated to about 750 CE (Ganga period) (Special Cover Approval No. KTK/87/2017).

Special Cover on Inscription stones of Bengaluru

Special Cover on Inscription stones of Bengaluru

GDS Committee report

The Komlesh Chandra committee was constituted to study and make recommendations on the pay and service conditions of the GDS employees.  

The committee submitted its report on 27-11-2016 to Government almost a year back. After scrutiny and approval by the Hon’ble Communication Minister of State, the recommendations were forwarded to MoF approval. It is learnt file is still at MoF. 

Now, government to start mapping your address digitally

NEW DELHI: The government wants to map your address — residential or professional — digitally, something done by Aadhaar for an individual's identification.

The department of posts - which is under the ministry of communications — has ordered a pilot project that will accord a six-character alphanumeric digital address+ for every property for three postal pin code locations.
The idea is to provide e-locations (like on Google Maps) for the addresses therein and then provide possibilities to link them to other information, such as property title and ownership, property tax records, information on utilities like electricity, water and gas. 

The eLoc (e-location) pilot project has been approved for two postal pin codes in Delhi and one in Noida, following which the plan is to identify national expansion plans. The digital identity+ — say, UV77D7 — will be an e-enabled address that can be used parallelly to the existing postal address. 

Private mapping company MapmyIndia will be carrying out the project for the postal department.

"The results of the proof of concept may be utilised by the department towards developing a digital address format that would suit the purpose for a national-level project rollout," says a letter signed by additional director-general (mail operations) Abhishek Kumar Singh and sent to MapmyIndia on September 27.
MapmyIndia MD Rakesh Verma said the e-linkage would make it easier to identify complex addresses while providing an opportunity to link them to other amenities and services. 

"eLoc will help travellers and commuters search, share and navigate to a destination's exact doorstep far more easily and quickly. It will also reduce time, money, fuel wastage and expenses for businesses in the e-commerce, transportation, logistics and field operations domains," said Verma.
Pilot project to evaluate digital addresses' effectiveness: DoP 

Currently, a large number of addresses in the country are difficult to comprehend when read digitally. "For example, an address such as 147, Pocket XX, 2A, Janakpuri can be easily identified online by a digital address such as 8GDTYX. This can be further linked with other associated amenities such as property tax and ownership details, civic amenities etc," an official of the company said.

The approval letter (for the pilot) by the Department of Posts (DoP) said the objective of the project is to demonstrate the effectiveness of a digital addressing system. 

"The sole ownership of the data/reports or any other documents generated/created in any electronic or physical form, during the course of the proof of concept, shall remain with the department," it said, prohibiting the private company from using the information for any commercial purpose. 

 The postal department would assist in the exercise through sharing of data on beat maps, verification of the information related to mapping of physical address with the digital addresses and facilitating interactions with their ground staff.

In a statement, Mapmy-India claimed that it already possesses an exhaustive digital address database that includes over 2 crore eLocs of individuals, businesses and government set-ups. 

The statement said that the company has partnered Isro and its national satellite imagery service 'Bhuvan' to provide effective mapping coordinates. 

Source :  https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Claiming of Travelling Allowance / Daily Allowance


GoI, MoD letter No. 12630/TA/DA/Mov C dated 15th September 2017 regarding provisions relating Travelling Allowance Entitlements, are effective from 01/07/2017.

Service Personnel, who had undertaken tours and had been transferred between 01/07/2017 and the date of issue of these orders i.e. 15th Sep 2017 and whose TA/DA claims have been settled with reference to their earlier entitlements as per 6th CPC, may submit supplementary claims based on their revised entitlement as per 7th CPC.”

SB Order 18/2017 : Amendments in various statutory rules of Small Savings Schemes by Ministry of Finance ( DEA) regarding : Department of Post

National Anomaly Committee not to take up minimum wages and fitment issue

Despite various media reports about possible hike in minimum pay and fitment formula practically there is no such possibility as of now.

DOPT in a letter to staff side JCM made it ample clear that the NAC is not going to consider the issue as it is not to be treated as 'anomaly' as per condition laid down as DOPT O.M. No. 11/2/2016-JCA dated 16th Aug 2016 and 20th February 2017. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Filling up of PS Gr. B post and repatriation of officers to their parent circle

Dear comrades, 

All Circle Secretaries and CHQ office bearers are requested to furnish the information of PS Gr. B cadre to GS through Email on or before 23/11/2017.

Name of Circle
Sanction strength of PS Gr. B officers
Working strength as on 17/11/2017
No. of PS Gr. B officers working out side the circle and waiting for repatriation to parent circle

I hope that the requisite information will be made available before 23/11/2017.

Yours friend,  

Vilas Ingale
General Secretary

Bi-monthly / Four Monthly meeting details

It has been observed by CHQ that most of the circle branches (except Odisha, West Bengal, Telangana, AP and Karnataka) are not taking keen interest in submission of agenda for Bi-monthly / Four Monthly meetings to Regional / Circle Administration and attending meetings. Therefore many individual members are still directly approaching to CHQ for intervention of their circle level grievances. 

CHQ appreciate the activities of above circles who are regularly attending the meetings and solving their problems, grievances at local/circle level only and publishing the minutes of such meetings on their circle blog. 

As per the instructions issued under No. 3-10/69-SR dated 23.2.1970 Service Association at circle level can take three items of discussion in Bi-monthly / Four Monthly meetings with Regional / Circle Administration. 

It has clearly mentioned in Directorate letter No. 3-17/72-SR dated 11/8/1972 that items for discussion in the agenda of the periodical meetings should be submitted within period of one month from the date of the last meeting. The explanatory note of items should be sent in sufficient detail in quadruplicate to the administration and two members can attend the meeting for which they will get special casual leave. 

It is therefore directed to all Circle Secretaries to submit their agenda to be enrolled for discussion in the Bi-monthly / Four Monthly meetings to RO/CO well in advance with explanatory note.

Upcoming Commemorative Postage Stamps

Sl. No.
Name of Commemorative Postage Stamp
Date of release
Submarine Arm, Indian Navy
Gaurishankar Govardhan Joshi
Dr. Shivajirao G. Patwardhan

Commemorative Stamps on Nest – 14th November 2017.

 Department of Posts conducted nationwide stamp design competition on the theme of “Nest”. This theme was selected with an objective to enhance awareness of our natural surroundings in school-children, so as to inculcate a habit of protecting our natural resources and preventing any damage to the ecosystem, which in turn sustain the life cycles of the associated fauna.

On the occasion of Children’s Day Department of Posts issued a set of two stamps and Miniature Sheets depicting ‘Nest’ in denomination of Rs. 15 each. Both stamp designs were selected from the winning entries of stamp design competition on the theme of ‘Nest’.

CGHS and CS(MA) Beneficiaries can go directly at empanelled hospitals on advice of Central/State Govt Specialists - Simplification of procedure for treatment at private hospitals empanelled under CGHS/CS (MA) Rules,1944

To view, please CLICK HERE. 

Over Time Allowance (OTA) to Operational Staff - seeking Inputs/Comments : DoPT

7th pay commission : New pay hike from April 2018;

A top Finance Ministry official, who did not wish to be named told on Tuesday said that new pay hike for central government would come into effect from 1 April 2018.

He said that National Anomaly Committee (NAC) is likely to submit report on new pay hike by December.

The new pay hike will come into effect by April next year at the latest, he added.
Earlier, the government gave nod the 7th pay commission proposal of minimum basic pay from Rs. 7,000/- to Rs. 18,000/- per month while the maximum basic pay from Rs. 80,000/- tp Rs 2.5 lakh with a fitment factor of 2.57 times uniformly of sixth pay commission’s basic pay.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the recommendations of the 7th pay commission, various central government employees’ unions had threatened to go on an indefinite strike from 11 July, 2016.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitly was under pressure to assure to hike minimum pay for the central government employees day after the cabinet approval of the 7th pay commission ‘s recommendations, June 30, 2016, when he had met representatives of several central government employees unions in home minister’s house with other two cabinet ministers – Rajnath Singh and Suresh Prabhu.

The assurance had prevented several central government employees’ unions to go ahead with the indefinite strike starting july 11, 2016.

The Unions had asked the government to set up a committee to look into issues raised by them in relation to pay hike.

Jaitly promised the Union leaders that the pay hike issue raised by them would be considered by a High Level Committee. Accordingly, he has formed National

Anolmaly Committee (NAC) in September, 2016 to look into pay anomalies arising out of the implementation of the 7th pay commission’s recommendations.

The unions had said the government approved pay hike was the lowest in the last 70 years. They had also accused the government of announcing the awards “unilaterally” without any consultation with them.

The unions had also warned to make employees minimum pay Rs. 18,000 to Rs 26,000 and asked to rising fitment factor 3.68 times from 2.57 times.

“The governnment may comeout with a decision in next financial year in this regard on the recommendations of the National Anomaly Committee”, he said.

“The government is likely to go ahead for hike in minimum pay Rs 21,000 from Rs 18,000 with fitment factor 3.00. The fitment formula with 3.00 times from , which will be gone up he salary and pension in general for all segment of employees” the official confirmed.




Wednesday, November 15, 2017

CWC : Bihar Circle

It has been reported by Shri Rajiv Kumar, Circle Secretary, Bihar Circle Branch that their Circle Working Committee Meeting and general body meeting will be held at Lohiya Nagar S.O. on 19.11.2017.

All the CWC members are directed to attend the CWC.

Commemorative Stamps on Indian Cuisine – 3rd November 2017.

The cuisine of India is one of the world's most diverse cuisines, characterized by its sophisticated and subtle use of the many spices, vegetables, grains and fruits grown across India. The cuisine of each geographical region includes a wide assortment of dishes and cooking techniques reflecting the varied demographics of the ethnically diverse Indian subcontinent. India's religious beliefs and culture have played an influential role in the evolution of its cuisine. Vegetarianism is widely practiced in many Hindu, Buddhist and Jain communities.

Indian cuisine has also influenced cuisines across the world, especially those of South East Asia. It is now one of the most popular cuisines across the globe, enjoyed not only among the large Indian diaspora but also by the general population in North America, Europe, Australia and parts of Africa.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi released set of 24 commemorative stamps and Miniature Sheets on Indian Cuisines, at the inauguration ceremony of the World Food India 2017, in New Delhi on 3rd November, 2017. The stamps depict Bhog Prasad dishes including Modak, Mahaprasad - Rice Dal, Chhappan Bhog, Peda, Sandesh, Tirupati Laddoo; Festival Food which includes Malpua, Pongal, Motichur Laddoo, Gujhiya, Seviyan, Thekua; Popular Food viz. Poha Jalebi, Golgappa, Dhokla, Chhole Bhature, Idli Dosa, Vada Pav and Regional Food which includes Baby Appam, Baghare Baingan, Dal Bati, Litti Chokha, Makke ki Roti Sarson ka Saag and Biryani.

Commemorative Stamps on Indian Cuisine

Commemorative Stamps on Indian Cuisine

Commemorative Stamps on Indian Cuisine

Commemorative Stamps on Indian Cuisine

Commemorative Stamps on Indian Cuisine


Donate Rs 200 each for Flag Day, DoPT tells govt staff

Tribune News Service: Chandigarh, November 13

With Armed Forces Flag Day being round the corner, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has issued an advisory to all Central ministries and departments directing that all government employees donate a minimum of Rs 200 out of their salaries for the month of November.

The Flag Day fund, generated out of donations from citizens, is a major source of funding for welfare and rehabilitation of war widows, ex-servicemen and dependants.  

The Department of Personnel and Training  advisory stems from an appeal from the Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare in this regard. December 7 is observed as the Armed Forces Flag Day to commemorate the sacrifices of men in uniform. 

Last year, Rs 58.84 lakh were collected, a marginal dip over Rs 59.85 lakh collected in 2015, according to the Ministry of Defence figures. The fund has a corpus of about Rs 290 crore and out of the interest earned on this, 7.5 per cent is deposited back in the corpus and the remaining amount is used to fund welfare schemes.

Posting of regular Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) officers of Indian Postal Service, Group 'A'

To view, please CLICK HERE. 

Appointment of Independent External Monitors in Department of Posts

To view, please CLICK HERE. 

40th All India Conference at Rajgir (Bihar) on 9th and 10th February 2018

Kund area Rajgir
As decided 40th All India Conference of our Association will be held at Rajgir (Bihar) on 9th and 10th February 2018. 

Circle Secretary, Bihar Circle Branch has already handed over donation coupons to all Circles who attended CWC at Shimla. 

All Circle Secretaries are directed to credit the amount of donation coupons in the following account. 

Name of Post Office : Bankipore Head Post Office, Patna 

SOL ID No.               : 80000400

SB Account No.        : 3376561519

Name of Account Holders : Rajiv Kumar and Praveen Prasoon 

All Circle Secretaries will distribute all the donation coupons received by them among the members and amount collected so far may deposit the amount in phase manner in the above said SB account. 

Regarding inclusion of 'chain vacancies' - Implementation of guidelines issued vide Directorate Letter No. 25-10/2014-SPG dated 09-07-2014

Providing clerical assistance to Sub Divisional Head

Holding of supplementary DPC for promotion to Postal Service Group 'B' cadre for the vacancies of 2016

Monday, November 13, 2017

Government nod to panel to look into salary hike of lower court judges

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved appointment of Second National Judicial Pay Commission (SNJPC) for Subordinate Judiciary in the country.

The Commission is to be headed by Shri Justice (Retd.J P.Venkatrama Reddi, former Judge of Supreme Court of India. Shri R. Basant, a former Judge of the Kerala High Court is the Member of the Commission.

The Commission will make its recommendations to the State Governments preferably within a period of 18 months.

Big scam in recruitment of postmen in Maharashtra unearthed

MUMBAI: The vigilance department of the Department of Posts has unearthed a mega scam in recruitment for over 2,400 vacancies, in Maharashtra. The Mumbai police registered an FIR in August against Manipal Technologies Ltd (MTL), which had won a bid in 2015 to conduct the recruitment process for postmen, mail guards and other staffers in the postal department.

The FIR was filed on the basis of a complaint by an assistant post master general in Mumbai and names P V Mallya and other directors of MTL. Dubbing it a big scam, Justice A M Badar of the Bombay high court refused to grant pre-arrest bail to Mallya on November 3.

He said, "The case in hand appears to be a case of a big scam in recruitment in the department of posts... Selection to public employment has to be a fair and impartial process, based on merit of eligible candidates... This job was entrusted by DoP with utmost trust on the company... Prima facie, it is seen that, the company has breached the trust reposed by it and had shown nepotism and partiality in selecting candidates for obvious reasons.''

The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) said that the selection process had been cancelled in Maharashtra. No one has been arrested so far. Police are interrogating the project managers from the company which was in charge of the recruitment process.

The exam was conducted in March 2015 and the results were declared in March 2016. It was held to fill in 1,680 posts of postmen, 21 mail guards and 733 multitask servants (MTS).

The chief postmaster general had ordered a vigilance enquiry when an Amravati postmaster first complained last April that a postman selected through the recruitment process had a photograph of a different candidate on his online application form.

The vigilance report said that 25 of the 194 postmen posted in Maharashtra scored high in Marathi, but didn't know the language and over 70 candidates were found with identical email addresses.

Few of the selected candidates had not appeared for the exam, others had not signed the paper or their signatures online and on the answer paper differed; addresses of some candidates were identical, and cell phone numbers were the same for some, said the vigilance report.

Of the 24 selected as postmen,12 had identical cell phone numbers; of 21 selected as MTS, 11 did. Candidates selected from states other than Maharashtra, such as Haryana, Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, had addresses from a same locality, said the FIR.

Source:-The Times of India

Cadre Restructuring of Group 'C' employees in Department of Posts

To view Directorate memo No. 25-04/2012-PE-I (Vol.II) dated 10.11.2017, please CLICK HERE.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

40th All India Conference at Rajgir (Bihar) in February 2018

It has been in informed by Shri Rajiv Kumar, Circle Secretary, All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents Posts, Bihar Circle Branch that, 40th All India Conference will be held at Rajgir. The details are given below:

Date : 9th and 10th February 2018

Venue : Conventional Hall, Rajgir (Bihar)

Accommodation : Rajgir Residency Hotel

Shri Rajiv Kumar has already distributed/handed over donations coupons to all Circle Secretaries at the time of CWC Meeting held at Shimla (Himachal Pradesh). It is therefore requested to all Circle Secretaries to start the collection of donations from members and remit to CS Bihar Circle at the earliest. Bank details will be intimated soon.

Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation provides travel facility from state capital Patna to visit Bodh circuit (Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Vaishali, Kesaria, Lumbini, Kushinagar, Sarnath), Jain Circuit (Rajgir, Pawapuri) and Sikh circuit in Bihar.

Air: The nearest is Gaya International Airport, Gaya which is 78 km which is connected to International Destinations like BangkokColumbo, etc. Another airport is at Patna 101 km. Air India, Indigo, Jet Airways and Go Air connect Patna to KolkataBengaluruMumbaiDelhiRanchi and Lucknow.

Rail: Rajgir railway station connects the city to other parts of country yet the nearest convenient railhead is at Gaya Junction railway station 78 km. The Bakhtiyarpur-Gaya line provides improved rail connectivity to many places.

Road: Rajgir is connected by road to Patna - 110 km, Nalanda - 12 km, Gaya - 78 km, Pawapuri - 38 km, Bihar Sharif - 25 km, etc.

Bus: Regular buses are available from all the above said points to Rajgir.

Local Transport: Taxis and Buses and Tongas are available.

Rajgir (originally known as Girivraj) is a city and a notified area in Nalanda district in the Indian state of Bihar. The city of Rajgir (ancient Rājagha; Pali: Rājagaha; Hindiराजगृह) was the first capital of the kingdom of Magadha, a state that would eventually evolve into the Mauryan Empire. Its date of origin is unknown, although ceramics dating to about 1000 BC have been found in the city. This area is also notable in Jainism and Buddhism[3] as one of the favorite places for Lord Mahavira and Gautama Buddha and the well known "Atanatiya" conference was held at Vulture's Peak mountain.

Rajgir is connected to Patna via Bakhtiarpur by rail and road. Bakhtiarpur lies midway between Patna and Mokameh. Road access is by NH 30A to Bakhtiarpur and NH 31 towards south to reach Bihar Sharif. From Mokameh NH 31 to Bihar Sharif. From there, NH 82 will leads to Rajgir. Rajgir is around 100 KM from both Patna and Mokameh. It is located in a green valley surrounded by rocky hills, Rajgir hills. A daily Indian Railways train Shramjeevi Express connects Rajgir with the Indian capital New Delhi. The city was in a valley surrounded by seven hills: Vaibhara, Ratna, Saila, Sona, Udaya, Chhatha, and Vipula.

Rajgir has also developed as a health and winter resort due to its warm water ponds. These baths are said to contain some medicinal properties that help in the cure of many skin diseases. .Another attraction of the region is the ropeway that leads uphill to the Vishwa Shanti Stupa (Peace Pagoda), Makhdoom Kund and monasteries built by Japanese devotees of the Buddha on top of the Ratnagiri Hills.

Temperature: maximum 44 °C, minimum 20 °C. Winter: maximum 28 °C, minimum 6 °C

Rainfall: 1,860 mm (mid-June to mid-September)

Dry/warm season: October to March

History of Rajgir :

The name Rajgir came from Rājagiha 'house of the king' or "royal house", or the word rajgir might have its origin in its plain literal meaning, "royal mountain". It was the ancient capital city of the Magadha kings until the 5th century BC when Udayin(460-440 BC), son of Ajatshatru, moved the capital to Pataliputra.[4] In those days, it was called Rajgrih, which translates as 'the home of Royalty'. Shishunaga founded Shishunaga dynasty in 413 BCE with Rajgir as its initial capital before it was moved to Pataliputra.

Rajgir is also famous for its association with Mauryan dynasty Kings Bimbisara and Ajatashatru. Ajatashatru kept his father Bimbsara in captivity here. The sources do not agree which of the Buddha's royal contemporaries, Bimbisara and Ajatashatru, was responsible for its construction. Ajatashatru is also credited with moving the capital to Pataliputra (modern Patna).

The epic Mahabharata calls it Girivraja and recount the story of its king, Jarasandha, and his battle with the Pandava brothers and their allies KrishnaJarasandha who hailed from this place, had been defeated by Krishna 17 times. The 18th time Krishna left the battlefield without fighting.[5] Because of this Krishna is also called 'ranachorh' (one who has left the battlefield).[6] Mahabharata recounts a wrestling match between Bhima (one of the Pandavas) and Jarasandha, the then king of Magadha. Jarasandha was invincible as his body could rejoin any dismembered limbs. According to the legend, Bhim split Jarasandha into two and threw the two halves facing opposite to each other so that they could not join. There is a famous Jarasandha's Akhara (place where martial arts are practiced). It is also mentioned in Jain and Buddhist scriptures, which give a series of place-names, but without geographical context. The attempt to locate these places is based largely on reference to them and to other locations in the works of Chinese Buddhist pilgrims, particularly Faxian and Xuanzang. It is on the basis of Xuanzang in particular that the site is divided into Old and New Rajgir. The former lies within a valley and is surrounded by low-lying hills, Rajgir hills. It is defined by an earthen embankment (the Inner Fortification), with which is associated the Outer Fortification, a complex of cyclopean walls that runs (with large breaks) along the crest of the hills. New Rajgir is defined by another, larger, embankment outside the northern entrance of the valley and next to the modern town. It was here that Gautama Buddha spent several months meditating, and preaching at Gridhra-kuta, ('Hill of the Vultures'). He also delivered some of his famous sermons and initiated king Bimbisara of Magadha and countless others to Buddhism. On one of the hills is the Saptparni cave where the First Buddhist Council was held under the leadership of Maha Kassapa.

Son Bhandar Jain cave, Rajgir

It is sacred to the memory of the founders of both the religions: Jainism and Buddhism and associated with both the historical Mahavira and Buddha. Lord Mahavira, 24th Tirthankara spent fourteen years of his life at Rajgir and Nalanda, spending Chaturmas (i.e. 4 months of the rainy season) at a single place in Rajgir (Rajgruhi) and the rest in the places in the vicinity. It was the capital of one of his Shravaks(follower) King Shrenik. Thus Rajgir is a very important religious place for Jains.The twentieth Jain tirthankara, Munisuvratais supposed to have been born here.An ancient temple(about 1200 years old) dedicated to Munisuvrat bhagwan is also present here along with many other jain temples.This temple is also a place for four Kalyanakas of Bhagwan Munisuvratnath.